The ipod Human
The ipod Human
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Video #: 3
Date Uploaded: November 10, 2007
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"First the iPod. Then, the iPod Nano. Then, the iPod Touch. And now... the iPod Human!"


A series of pictures show the iPod ,iPod Nano and the iPod Touch before Ryan introduces the iPod Human. The colors shown are white, black, yellow and even red. Ryan then says that the iPod Human is only $799.99 and it holds up to six and a half songs. We then see a few people (the customers) saying negative thoughts about the iPod Human. When Ryan says you can use in at home, the iPod Human (Ryan) is seen singing to Sean. In the car, Ryan pops out and starts singing to Sean again. In the bathroom when Sean is sitting in the toliet, Ryan once again pops out behind Sean and starts to sing. This also happens while Sean was sleeping when Ryan jumps on his bed and starts singing so loud the Sean wakes up and puts his blanket over his head.Sean is then seen carrying Ryan with Ryan saying that the iPod Human is 'light and portable' and has an alarm that goes off every 3 seconds. Ryan is seen sitting in the corner and screaming (which is the alarm). 

iPod Human Transcript


The ipod Human01:53

The ipod Human

The Ipod Human

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