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It'll have you saying WOOHOO everytime!


Ryan: "Has this ever happened to you?"
"I spilled liquid all over my table!"
"I spilled liquid all over the floor!"
"I spilled liquid in my pants!"

Ryan: "Hi, I'm Ryan Higa, and I'm gonna be showing you a great, new product! It's called the ShamWOOHOO! No, not the Shamwoohoo... it's called the ShamWOOHOO! so say it like that. It's the greatest towel, chamois and rag technology! Don't beileve me? Watch this!"

Ryan: "If you have a spill on

your table, an old rag or towel will just soak it up all so boringly, but thanks to the ShamWOOHOO! now not only will you not soak up the liquid, but you just push it off the table!"
"Still not impressed? If you order now we'll throw out a second ShamWOOHOO! for free!"
"That's right, you're getting two ShamWOOHOO!s for the price of one! That's a $5 value for just $19.99! Order your ShamWOOHOO! and you'll be saying 'WOOHOO!' everytime!"


The ShamWOOHOO!-000:47

The ShamWOOHOO!-0

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