''Smosh'' is an American web-comedy channel formerly consisting of the comedic duo of Ian Hecox (born November 30, 1987) and Anthony Padilla (born September 16,1987). Their franchise started in 2002 when Padilla created a website titled Padilla stated the term "Smosh" came when he mistook a friend saying "mosh pit" for a "smosh" pit. This is the main reason their second website and eventually second channel, SmoshPit, got its name. After gaining a hobby for video-making in 2003, Anthony Padilla was joined by his friend Ian Hecox to create lip-synching videos in 2005 to post them on the YouTube website. The parody videos were based off television theme songs such as Mortal Kombat, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Pokemon. After their videos became popular, the team posted additional videos, mostly sketch comedy, and became one of the most popular channels on the site. In 2015, Smosh introduced five new cast members to their YouTube channel, with Anthony leaving the channel to pursue an independent YouTube career in 2017. It reached 1 million subscribers in 2009, 5 million subscribers in 2012, 10 and 15 million in 2013, 20 million in 2015, and has over 22.9 million as of March 2018.

Ryan featured Smosh in an I Dare You episode - I Dare You (ft. Smosh).

Smosh featured Ryan in the celebration of Smosh's 10-year anniversary on YouTube in Every Smosh Ever where Ryan and Sean acted out a parody of one of Smosh's former video series, Food Battle.