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Ryan Higa, R-Dizzle, Hanate, Shawndies, Tham

"I don't get it, are we not real people or not?" -Regina to Ryan in Skitzo - Nose Scar

Regina is a Skitzo character portrayed by Ryan Higa. She had her first major role as Rihanna in Why Chris Brown Beat Rihanna. Her second appearance was Skitzo - Introductions, where more of her personality shows. She introduced herself saying she likes rainbows and sunshine. Regina does not like the wet noses of puppies.

Appearance Edit

Regina is a teenage girl with black hair in a bob style and has brown eyes. She usually wears tank tops, pants and she wore makeup in the Skitzo Morning Routine

Personality Edit

Regina is dumb. She would pronounce things incorrectly. For example in Skitzo - The PSA, she says PSA as "peh-sah". Regina also asked if Hanate can call himself Bob (Hanate pronounced Bob as "boob"), then her name would be pronounced like "re-gai-nah" (not "Re-gee-nah"). 

Regina is also girly and tomboyish. 

Romances Edit

In the Last Skitzo, she developed a crush on Steve. Her love for Steve was shown again in The New Show (Skitzo). Steve didn't love her back. When he died, Regina became sad and started crying. A few moments later, she got over it. However, it is implied that she still has a crush on Steve.

Regina chose Hanate out of Ryan, R-Dizzle and Hanate in Skitzo - Valentines Day. Regina claims that Hanate's gift for her was heartwarming and purely romantic.

In, R-Dizzle becomes her love interest, but Regina doesn't like him. 

2014: Regina now starred in Lucy (Fake Trailer) as Lucy. She took part in the Skitzo videos: Edit

  1. Skitzo - Introductions
  2. Skitzo - The PSA
  3. Skitzo - The Halloween Story
  4. Skitzo - Valentines Day
  5. Skitzo - Reunited
  6. Skitzo - Nose Scar
  7. Skitzo News Live!
  8. Skitzo - My Morning Routine
  9. The Last Skitzo!
  10. The New Show! (Skitzo)

Trivia Edit

  • Regina has a curling iron that can also transform into a lightsaber, as proven in Skitzo - Nose Scar.
  • She is a teenager, it is confirmed in a Skitzo video when she said that she and Shawndies are teenagers.
  • Her love interests included Ryan Higa, Hanate, R-Dizzle, Steve and her "boyfriend" (her boyfriend was actually her).

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