Parkourse is a game invented by the members of RHPC. It is like the basketball game Horse, but it has parkour.

There are twelve episodes total of parkourse on the HigaTV channel. Each episode they make new courses to do and if you cannot do it you get a strike. One person makes the course and if everyone completes it then they get a strike. When it gets to the end two people face off in a timed challenge. Whoever gets the fastest time in a longer course wins.

Winners of each episode: Episode 1: Ryan Episode 2: Greg Episode 3: Ryan Episode 4: Ryan Episode 5: Ryan Episode 6: Will Episode 7: Sean Episode 8: Greg Episode 9: Derick Episode 10: Sean Episode 11: Ryan Episode 12: Ryan

With all of the winners combined Ryan has the most wins with 6 wins, Greg and Sean both with 2 wins, and Will and Derick both with 1 win.