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Expectations vs Reality: RomanceF*** The Police!Famous Lazy People
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Forever AloneFruit Ninja FAILGoogle Glass Human
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Harlem Shake (Brady Bunch Edition)HigaTVHilo Puppets
Honk For Japan!Hook on FonikHouse
How To Get GirlsHow To Sing Like Your Favorite Artist Pt. 2How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artists
How To Spot A PotheadHow to at the PremiereHow to be Emo
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How to be UFC FighterHow to be UFC Fighter (removed)How to be a Youtube Celebrity
How to be at the PremiereI'm HardcoreI'm a Chingstah
I'm a GangsterI Dare YouI Wanna Play a Game
I Want it That WayI broke my Nexus One!I just want you know
I love himI love them hoesImmature Guys!
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Off The Pill - Christmas SpiritOff The Pill - DancingOff The Pill - Farts
Off The Pill - FeministOff The Pill - JudgementOff The Pill - Nosy People
Off The Pill - OlympicsOff The Pill - Rebecca Black (Friday)Off The Pill - Stink People
Off The Pill - Weird PeopleOff The Pill RantsP90Flex
ParkoursePoemPowerpuff Girls Parody (Dear Ryan)
Rant on A.D.D.Rant on Asian DramasRant on Comments
Rant on LiarsRant on Music (Remade)Rant on Nosy People
Ranting about musicRants on Asian DramasRay
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Sean Fujiyoshi (RHPC member)Sean Returns!Seth Goldman
Sh*t SayShed a TearSkitzo - Despicable Me
Skitzo - IntroductionsSkitzo - ReunitedSkitzo - The Halloween Story
Skitzo - The PSASkitzo - Valentines DaySmosh
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The Number 21The PARANORMAL WritersThe Portobello Mushroom Burger
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