I Dare You is a video series that started on HigaTV and became a popular series there. If there's a special guest involved in the I Dare You video, it's uploaded on the nigahiga channel. The first I Dare You video uploaded on nigahiga featured KevJumba and Jeremy Lin.

Rules Edit

Members of the Ryan Higa Production Company partake in a game where they do dares that are submitted by the viewers. When one person draws a dare, the rest of the crew decides the point value based on how daring of a dare it is. If the player passes, the other players have the opportunity to steal the points (or as they like to call it, "take the steal"). The first player to get 10 points wins and puts their name on the Ball of Lame (an aluminum foil ball that is given a new layer of foil with the winner's name on it).

Starting from the I Dare You with D-Trix and Green, a new rule called The Loser Dare was added. The Loser Dare is a dare that has to be done by player with the least amount of points at the end of the video. The dares are written by all of the players before starting the game. The purpose of this rule is giving players an incentive to do something instead of doing nothing and passing every dare.


  • The first I Dare You was originally going to be a "Truth or Dare" video, but they decided that the questions for the "Truth" weren't as interesting
  • The "Ball of Lame" was Jeremy Lin's idea, so the first time they used the ball was in the I Dare You with Jeremy Lin and KevJumba
  • Lilly Singh (iisuperwomanii) was the first guest and female winner
  • Ryan is the only person that played in every single I Dare You, yet has only won once

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