How to be Gangster
Video image of "How to be Gangster"
Video #: 3
Date Uploaded: November 4, 2007
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How to be Gangster is Nigahiga's third video.

Cast Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first video that shows TeeHee in the end credits.
  • In the video, The Ultimate Handshake, it re-uses the "How-to-be-Gangster Handshake."
How To Be Gangster

TeeHee in How To Be Gangster

  • According to Ryan, this video is the video that gained him a lot of subscribers when he was just starting YouTube.
  • When teaching the lesson "Swear In Every Sentence" Ryan actually doesn't say the bad words because he didn't know how to edit audio.
How to be Gangster05:24

How to be Gangster

  • It took an extremely long time for Ryan and Sean to finally master their handshake and the "YEAAHHHH" at the end is supposedly "genuine happiness".
  • For the "No Loitering" part, according to Ryan, they had to look up how to spell "loitering".

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