HigaTV is Ryan Higa's second channel, which he announced on May 23, 2011 on The Announcement on his main channel, nigahiga. He made this channel so he can make videos that don't have to be funny and to post BTS videos. So instead of the TeeHee, they have HigaTV.

The channel was created in April 2009 and hit 100,000 and 1,000,000 subscribers the year of it's announcement and it's current 5,000,000 subscribers in 2017. It has over 700 million total video views too.



  • Australia Trip
  • Freedumb!
  • Tag Your Green!
  • Canada Trip
  • 4 Guys 1 Car
  • Marley and Me
  • Sole Mate (freestyle)
  • YTF in Hawaii
  • Sh*t People From Hawaii Say (Deleted Scene)
  • Chronicle Bloopers
  • YTF Cinnamon Challenge!
  • Bromance (Behind The Scenes)
  • Internet Icon (Contest)
  • What is YOMYOMF?
  • She's a Beach (Freestyle)
  • Make a Wish!
  • Ryan Higa Asian Tour
  • The Green Ball Fails
  • Silent Library Challenge!
  • Marley: Guess What!?
  • Real Life NBA 2K13
  • Rewind Youtube Style (Behind The Scenes)
  • Higa on the Riki Late Show!
  • Best Thank You Song Ever
  • CLICK TO WATCH: Twilight Breaking Dawn!
  • Eyeball Surgery!
  • The Kendama Toy (Behind The Scenes & Bloopers)
  • Expectations vs Reality:Romance (Bloopers and Behind the Scenes)
  • Famous Lazy People(Behind the Scenes)
  • Sean is Back!
  • I Hate People Who Judge
  • Making of "Next Viral Youtube Trend"
  • Psy -GENTLEMAN (Reaction Video)ft.Nigahiga
  • Stunt Fail
  • Immature
  • Creating the Google Glass Human
  • How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artist (BTS)
  • Candy Crush The Movie (BTS)
  • Internet Icon With JennaMarbles,Smosh,and Pewdiepie!
  • Potato Toss Fail!
  • Marley The Corgi!
  • Basketball Trick Shot (BTS)
  • Ryan Higa - Reflection(Mulan Cover)
  • Multiple Personalites!? #DearRyan
  • Naruto Shoot Begins! (Japan Trip part 1/3)
  • The Perfect Storm! (Japan Trippart 2/3)
  • Abandoned School (Japan Trip part 3/3)
  • Honest Commercials (BTS)
  • Handshake Song Tutorial
  • Real Life Minecraft Fails (BTS)

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