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"Agents of Secret Stuff"
Film poster
Directed by Wong Fu Productions: Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, Philip Wang
Produced by Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Productions
Assistant Produced by Chris Dinh
Executive Producer HigaTV and Wong Fu Productions
Written by Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Productions
Visual Effects by Corridor Digital
Starring Ryan Higa
Arden Cho
Dominic Sandoval
Hilm Rawn
Aki Aleong
Kassem Gharaibeh
Philip Wang
Joe Saramago
Grace Su
Madison Owning
Victoria Turney
Ian Hecox
Patrick Krebbs
Anthony Padilla
Music by George Shaw
Studio Wong Fu Productions
Distributed by Nigahiga
Release dates November 24, 2010
Running time 35 minutes
Country U.S.

"Agents of Secret Stuff" is a movie created by Ryan Higa and posted to Nigahiga

On November 24, 2010, a new independent 35 minute film Ryan created with Wong Fu Productions called "Agents of Secret Stuff" was uploaded on Ryan's channel. Besides Ryan Higa, the film also featured other prominent Youtubers. These included Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox of Smosh, Kassem G, Arden Cho, Philip Wang from Wong Fu and Dominic Sandoval (aka D-Trix).


Agents of Secret Stuff tells the story of a seventeen-year-old Agent of Secret Stuff (A.S.S.) named Aden (Ryan Higa), who is sent to work undercover at a local high school to protect a high school senior Taylor (Arden Cho) from the rival, evil, secret agency called the Society Involving Not-So-Good Stuff (S.I.N.S).


Ryan Higa as Aden.

Aden, being trained at a young age to a secret agent from the beginning of his life, has little experience being a 'normal' teenage boy. This results in comic and sometimes sad interactions and situations in which Aden is not sure how to react inside the high school world.


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Bloopers "Agents of Secret Stuff"

Bloopers "Agents of Secret Stuff"

"Agents of Secret Stuff" - Behind the Scenes

"Agents of Secret Stuff" - Behind the Scenes